I have been photographing people for over twenty years. On leaving college I headed straight for London where I assisted several top photographers before securing a job within a photo agency shooting press and PR. With two Nikon F3’s, one with colour neg, the other black & white around my neck I learnt my trade the hard way! It was fast and furious, hard work but great fun.  Film premieres, Downing Street photo-calls and supermarket openings, I shot them all.   It was an excellent grounding. Ultimately it taught me how to deal with people quickly, efficiently and diplomatically whilst still getting the shot. Eventually I became a freelance photographer and put these skills to use.  I still shoot press and PR photography today and love it.  I like the challenge of starting with nothing, no props or models just real people and a location and finishing with a collection of images that can be utilised across many different social media platforms in an instant.  I can remember hurrying back to the office to get in the darkroom ASAP, processing the films and then enlarging the prints which would then be biked to all the news desks in London.  How times have changed, in this case certainly for the better.  This where digital technology certainly has advanced our industry.

On a shoot successful communication is key.  Talking to your subjects and getting them on board to satisfy the brief is not always straight forward.  You need to give exact instructions and enthuse them.

I am available 24 hours a day to cover your event, please call 07850 509 995 to make a booking