I now hold a CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme Yellow Card having passed the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test.  I can’t remember the last time I took an exam but was quite nervous once I arrived at the test centre.  I am proud to say that I answered all the questions correctly.  The test indicates that I am aware of the relevant Health & Safety issues when working on a construction site.

Despite ‘only’ taking photographs and filming video, as opposed to performing any actual construction tasks, I can now demonstrate that I know how to behave safely on a building site.  I have shot for numerous construction clients including Mace and Willmott Dixon.  More and more clients are insisting on such H&S qualifications across many industries so it made sense to take this exam.  There is no doubt you have to have your whits about you when on site, particularly when you are concentrating on your viewfinder and maybe not your immediate surroundings.  I continuously check what’s going on around my tripod and kit, to make sure that I am safe and also that I am not endangering others.

Wearing a hard hat is not exactly conducive to working with a camera as every time you put your head down to look through the viewfinder the peak takes a chunk out of the camera body!!!  You quickly develop a style that avoids this.  At least it is better then the old days when I use to shoot with my Hasselblad.  It had a waist level top box viewfinder, so every time I bent down to take a picture the hat fell off!!

Whatever you require-portraits, progress shots or stunning interiors or exteriors of the finished building, please get in touch.  Have a look at my Architecture portfolio