I am a regular visitor to Cornwall and I am continually blown away by how beautiful it is.  When the sun is out there is no where I would rather be.  We head for the Lizard, Mullion in fact.  Total peace and quiet, it really is so relaxing.  No matter what the weather there is always another great view that you have not seen before.  I have recently started submitting work to the image and video stock library Pond5 and sent them a selection of shots I shot this summer whilst on  holidays.  I have been submitting to stock for many years now, first it was the Telegraph Colour Library, then Getty, and now Image Source and Pond5.  Travel Imagery always sells but there are a number of factors you have to get right in order to be successful.  Shoot both landscape and portrait on each shot as you do not know how the client intends to publish your shot so give them a choice.  Allow space for text and strap lines.  And perhaps most importantly get the technical side of things correct; pin sharp, correctly exposed beautiful shots.

I am very familiar with Cornwall and there are hundreds of great locations for shoots, some of these I have used for assignments, you can see them in my Lifestyle Portfolio.