I have had several clients within this industry for many years providing them with construction photography, video and time lapse.  I like the ‘buzz’ of a building site and I am fascinated by the incredible engineering that I see, most notably on a project I am working on at present for Graham which involves the replacement of a road bridge over the Network Rail mainline into London at Norwood Junction.  This will be done in several key stages. At present the three pieces of the temporary footbridge are being put together trackside and will be lifted into position this Sunday (23rd March 2014) enabling pedestrians to come and go.  The road with be then shut allowing the gradual demolition of the existing bridge.   The new bridge is to be built on the closed road and then slid into position on the 25th December 2014 ( I haven’t told the kids yet that I will not be at home!!!).  The project involves video, stills photography and flying  drones (equipped with video cameras) overhead.  Time lapse cameras from Film Infinity are running at present capturing the whole process from start to finish.  I am visiting once a month to photograph the progress of the project and once finished I will deliver a video incorporating the time lapse footage together with the real time video, a unique case study of the project which can then be utilised to promote and secure future construction projects.

Last year I passed my CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test and hold the CSCS Yellow Construction Site Visitor card demonstrating that I am aware of the relevant H & S issues when working on a construction site.  Increasingly many of my construction clients are now insisting on this qualification before allowing photographers on site.  You have to have your wits about you when on site, particularly when I am looking through a camera and not at what is going on around me all the time.  It is crucial that I select safe viewpoints and working conditions.  I work closely with the site team to plan and execute my photography and filming.

If you have a forthcoming project that requires photography or video please call me to discuss your requirements on 07850 059 995